Aleksandr Ganakov

The Cage Freiburg

Freiburg, Germany.

Entertainment center, café, event room, 6 escape rooms. 600m2

A new kind of escape game. 

Trip Advisor, “It’s a very cool place! Have you ever been to an escape room in shape of a robot. Everything is technical and automatical. No safes! By the way its very spacious, you can have fun with your colleagues, with your whole company. The interior is unusual, the place is very different to other escape rooms we have been to. It has a futuristic style, you are diving in a whole another reality. “Lost in space” is for the most intelligent and experienced players. We will certainly return here with our friends when we come back to Freibug. We want to show them this place!"

Interior design Aleksandr Ganakov
Photography Vasilisa Ganakova
Wall decoration inside escape games Lyubov Shteinfeld

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